Humility Chicken

I have 4 teenage step children, who are teaching me many things.  One of them is how much I don’t know!  I have found humility – that modest sense of my own importance – invaluable!  Humility is a spiritual way of life, and it allows us to see others well, and kindly.

One simple thing I don’t know about my step children is how spicy they like their food.  When I cook for them, I invite their feedback, so I can learn what they like.  It also helps me know how to teach them to cook, so they can be more independent.

I baked skinless, bone-in chicken breasts with green cabbage, red onion, thyme, chicken stock, sea salt, and lemon juice.

Everyone liked this.  But … Son number 2, Nate, made the same, but used jalapeno instead of lemon.  It was a significant improvement.Without humility, and a willingness to learn from those younger and less experienced in the kitchen, I would never have tasted this dish.Thus, “Humility Chicken.”

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